A Difference In The Lives Of Others

Having watched our people excel in their acting music and comedy carrier with its complimentary components like make up, costuming, producing, script writing, set design, cinematography, directing etc. We are working in collaboration with Nollywood best hands to engage our people towards skill and knowledge acquisition.

Inspired By humanity
“The complexity of society and individual differences are well understood by our organization, and that is why we have always ensured that people have different areas of strength and ability.”
Our organization is building a film village with a cinema and an academy. It will be the first of its kind in Nigeria and West Africa where our youth will be fully equipped for self-rediscovery and reliance.
Kemdi chino opara
About us

Kemdi Chino Opara Foundation (KCOF) is a non-governmental, non-religious, non-political, non-ethnic and non-profit organization committed to giving back to the society through community welfare services, social economic support and equitable distribution of available resources. Our scope of outreach is multi-faceted to accommodate the elderly, children and the youths.  We are paying special attention to the youths because too many youths are now engaged in activities that are risky and threaten their health and well-being including substance abuse, delinquency, restiveness, joblessness, poor school performance, absence from school or drop out. Since the future of every society significantly lies on the shoulder of the youths, KCOF has several programs to enhance and activate their capacities, visions and vibrancies, through providing them with enabling environment geared to stimulate participation for personal, economic and social development. Our hope is that this will in turn erase the scares of leadership failure in Africa.

Ceremonial unveiling of Kemdi Chino Opara Foundation through an international press conference

Massive free registration of would be beneficiaries of KCOF in Owerri senatorial zone.


Talent hunt: At KCOF, we believe that the youths should be engaged to avoid the proverbial idle mind is the devil’s work shop. Therefore, we hunt for youths with talent in the areas of music, movies, makeups, film production etc. Recently several youths benefitted from our program.
Addressing the need of the physically challenged people through providing them with necessary aids and support. In addition, KCOF encourages suitable environment and promote their general acceptance by family, friends, society, and their local community
Education makes youths more reliant and responsible. The goal of KCOF is to promote youth development, restore their confidence and encourage independence through education. We have paid and continue to pay school fees for several youths from WAEC through to university with several youths benefitting from our foundation school fees program
Medical outreach: Based on our belief that health is wealth, our foundation has supplied and supported the needy with medical assistance since 1999. This has helped to improve the lives of children, youths and the elderly.
Uplifting humanity through provision of solar powered electricity, portable water, and supply of relief materials. In addition, KCOF is involved in improving healthy social interaction including counteracting negative social phenomena leading to crime, aggression, addiction, prostitution, xenophobia and others
Skills acquisition and mentorship program: We take youths and match them up with the right mentors in order to develop skills and find purpose in life in the areas of craft, sewing, hair dressing/barbing and trades. Our mentors are professionals in their domain and besides teaching the youths the right skills they need; they help and encourage them to stay on tracks in order to fulfil their potentials.

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